We got it.

So you are interested in developing a clean power application, device, vehicle, fuel station or fuel synthesis & recycling?

We have the technology: a water-based, zero emissions liquid fuel, Electriq~Fuel. We are looking for partners to bring it to market.

We have a growing team of Venture partners who are developing projects and opportunities around the entire ecosystem, fielding many applications in 2 key parts:

  • Fuel Supply Chain: Hydrogen supply, recycling plants, fuel logistics, petrol stations, ...
  • Power Applications:  Vans, Trucks, Home Appliances, off-road Transport (Land, Sea, Air), Energy Storage, Power Generation, ...

We’ll share bespoke calculations highlighting the benefits of projects we see potential in. Our overarching goal is to build strong relationships which help commercialize and take Electriq~Global.

You'll hear from us very soon.